Expanding Impact between Asia and Latam Entrepreneurs

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About Brooklyn

Social Business Hub

We are a Social Impact Agency located in Asia & Latam
We help change makers to expand their impact between the two continents

Social Impact Programs

We work with social startups tackling a diverse range of subjects,
whose projects are focused on solving social issues,
while getting money for scaling their business

Support & Learning

We offer support & online courses at low-cost for SBH Community Members
so they can implement or accelerate marketing, legal or finance strategies.
Helping them to focus on scaling their business impact.


We offer on-site, one-on-one mentoring sessions
using entrepreneurial tools and personalized support
tailored to each social venture needs.

Business & Cultural Guidance

We know that arriving to a new country or environment
to expand or try a business strategy could be challenging,
mostly if you’re not prepared to meet with local clients and investors.
We guide you through that journey and connect you with our networks.

Our Ventures

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We offer network & working spaces at low-cost for SBH Community so they can execute marketing, legal or finance strategies. Helping them to focus on scaling their business impact.


Digital Impact School

We combine online learning experiences and community support to help changemakers to share their venture’s impact through social entrepreneurship and digital marketing strategies



We promote and organize local events for changemakers and socialentrepreneurs to let them share their best practices and build connections with other amazing social impact ventures from all over the world.

Logo Social IE-ML

Social IE

We provide 1:1 and on-field learning experiences for social enterprises, changemakers & organizations focused on solving making impact while creating or scaling their business

About Brooklyn
Creating a better world requires
teamwork, partnerships, and collaboration,
as we need an entire army of companies to
work together to build a better world
Simon Mainwaring

The Linkers

Our mission is to build collaborations and create innovative learning experiences
for entrepreneurs of Asia & Latam so they can design profitable business that impact positively in the world.




I’m just a human being passionate about social change and entrepreneurship. Truly believing that everybody can contribute make the world a better place.

I’ve held leadership positions in the private, academic and non-for-profit sectors. I’m also a member of 10+ social entrepreneurship international and national communities. And successfully connected with the ecosystems in México, Chile, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Bangladesh.




I am passionate about building sustainable community that unleashes human full potential in harmony with Mother Earth.

Awarded with the Thomas J. Watson fellowship, I’ve learned from entrepreneurial communities in Scotland, India, Chile and Rwanda that are innovating across sectors to create new ecosystems of opportunity and empowerment. My journey have gave me the opportunity to work in government policies, funding, education and innovation hubs.




My dream is that John Lennon’s song “Imagine” come true. I feel my purpose is to help to build a more equal world to live, through social management and making businesses.

I’ve fight inequality in many aspects like poverty and gender. As an Industrial Engineer, Social Entrepreneur and Mentor I had the chance to work in corporates, social enterprises and international organizations in Chile and Thailand.




I love to inspire and help entrepreneurs discover their potential of becoming change makers, by teaching them digital & social innovation strategies related to their passions.

As Fellow of Balloon Latam, Happy Startup School Member and Google Certified Partner, I’ve been sharing my experience as founder and/or consultant in international corporates and Latam Social Enterprises helping them to consolidate Digital Marketing Strategies, Innovation Methodologies and Social Business Models.



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